Mackly is the story of one mother’s quest to find the perfect jammies for her three little daughters.

Like most bedtime tales, Sharmila Srikumar’s adventure was filled with challenges: From Hanoi to London, she turned shops upside down, asked equally harried mums for a recommendation and obsessively trawled through the internet for cute, affordable and comfortable nightwear but to no avail. Finally one day, like a bolt of lightning, the solution presented itself to her – she would make them.

And make she did – with a small team of designers, Sharmila created her debut collection of pyjamas for boys and girls aged 2 – 14 years that was received warmly by parents and with excitement by their tiny tots. With her elite group of consultants – her daughters and their friends – she has fashioned Mackly as the brand that is comfortable, inspirational, cute and functional. It is for the kids, of the kids and by kids.

Mackly jammies, hot milk and a story – the perfect bedtime formula that will have the kids yawning and snuggling under the covers in no time.




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